Social Media Marketing (SMM) creates online brand awareness when your organization participates in various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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Importance of Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM’s main goal is to create online brand visibility that drives traffic to your website. It encourages social visits to your website and is related to other online Internet Marketing activities. Social Media is a tool that covers all activities around online social interaction, allowing you to share content, images, videos, audio and participate in discussion boards. All this adds up to more online exposure.

  • SMM strategy leads to increased online awareness of your brand. If your message reaches an interested audience, they will spread your message to other users quickly and effectively.
  • Most people have the tendency to buy a brand recommend by others. Getting influencers and initiators to participate in your SMM program can play a major role in the buying process.
  • SMM campaigns can be run alongside traditional advertising and marketing programs, adding another layer of involvement.
  • SSM campaigns can bring you back-links that will benefit your organic optimization efforts. Social Media Marketing can be very cost effective.

Make Your Social Media A Big Success

We use advanced Social Media Marketing techniques to improve the online visibility of your brand, which will ultimately bring genuine traffic to your website.

Solid Base of Ongoing Content

We start by providing a solid base of ongoing content to your website, usually adding it to your blog.

  • Press Releases
  • Articles
  • Blogs and Blog Comments

After the base of ongoing content is provided we increase your circulation online through:

  • Classified Advertising
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Forums & Groups

Some of These Elements Are Part of Our Organic Optimization Programs

The Social Media Marketing takes the solid base of ongoing content and circulation to the next level by adding you in video and image sharing sites, directories related to your organization, all tied together with participation in Social Marketing sites mentioned above.

YES – we have come full circle, where Organic Optimization (SEO) blends with Social Media Marketing.

A Balanced Approach

My SEO Source takes a balanced approach to this the field of Social Media Optimization. Our current Organic Optimization already shares some of the components.

Therefore, our Social Media programs focus on participating in Social Media sites, and the new elements such as video sharing.

Social Media Marketing

Increase your online brand awareness with professional Social Media Marketing.

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