Get immediate results from a website that is ALREADY RANKING right now.

  • Get LEADS on DAY 1
  • Responsive Website included
  • Minimal Setup – 24 hours
  • SEO Included
  • Dedicated PPC Landing Pages are included
  • Adjust PPC to suit your needs
  • No long tern commitment
  • No cancelation penalties
Grow Your Local Business

Click’s & Co. Delivers Immediate Results

Why take the risk when you can benefit from a responsive website that is already ranking in your local area that can help you grow your business by delivering LEADS right from DAY 1?

That is correct; we already have built responsive websites that are ranking locally. We believe in our abilities and as a result have taken much of the risk out of your investment.


PPC landing pages are included with your program because they increase conversion and improve ROI.

Turbo Charge Your Results with Pay Per Click (PPC)

We also build dedicated Pay Per Click (PPC) landing pages for website visitors coming from Google Ads, as well as other relevant search engines.

The goal of PPC landing pages is to convert website traffic immediately. You can decide what times are best to augment your investment with PPC.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Landing Pages

Keep in mind that dedicated pay per click landing pages can only be reached by visitors who come to your website from search engine pay per click ads. These pages differ from other landing pages because they aim to convert visitors immediately, where as the Sales Funnel on your homepage lead visitors to a summary goal page that attempts to convert them.

You can have more than one pay per click landing page, usually one for each major campaign group.

Experience has demonstrated that developing well thought out Pay Per Click landing pages will improve conversion and ROI.

Click’s & Co. is your Optimal Tool for Growth 

A responsive website has already been built and there is minimal work to get started, simply inserting your logo and location information. The rental agreement is renewed monthly, with first and last month rent at the beginning.

Creating an annual plan takes into consideration balancing out peak busy times to provide balanced business growth.

The choice of going all out for growth resides with you.

WE SHARE THE RISK WITH YOU. Working together we provide you with the ultimate tool to build your business by matching lead flow with desired business growth.

Click’s & Co. has built It so they WILL Come!

Let us know if you are interested about getting involved with our local program. 

We are prepared to build & rank a local website for your business.

Get a Local Website that is Already Ranking

Professional Local Business Online Marketing Services

All elements for a successful Local Website and Internet Marketing activities are built into our local online programs. Being found Locally is vital because people are seeking store locations and professional services close by.

Mobile Friendly

Being responsive is critical for a local website because it is more likely (70% chance) that someone looking for a local business will be doing so from their mobile device & 90% of all mobile search queries are done by Google worldwide.

Multi-Pronged Digital Marketing

Organic high-ranking local websites provide a consistent base of SEO leads while paid for PPC Ads boost performance. FREE PPC Set-Up & Discounted Fees as a program BONUS. Ask us for about all the BOUNS details.

Tracking Results

Combining analytics with call tracking software, means we know exactly what is happening to the traffic at your Local Website and how to capitalize on it (i.e. convert) and maximize your ROI.

Usability is Valuable to the User

Having a professionally built & managed website means your online visitors will have great usability. This will help strengthen your brand & provide a strong first impression. 

Requesting Local Business Leads

After 25 Years, We Know How To Get Results

That’s right, Click’s & Co. has an experienced team, some who have been working in the digital marketing field since 1995. With strong team members leading our departments, you can be assured that your investment is in capable hands.

Website Development

Having a strong website is like having a store that is open 24/7, where visitors can request a quotation or ask to make an appointment. Full ecommerce solutions are available upon request.

Local SEO

Developing a SEO program consists of more than 200 factors. In addition, we monitor algorithm adjustments to ensure that our energy is being well spent. This is the key. Simply following a monthly pattern is no longer enough.

An experienced SEO team must ride the river through all its ebbs and flows. However, we always start with a well researched vessel, one that can take advantage of the specific local niche it is in.

Turbo Charge with PPC

Now that we have established a base line of results from SEO activity, we can establish how much to augment your results with paid Ads.  Google represents the major source for PPC advertising but PPC activity can be expanded to other search engines as well.

Our expertise blended with your needs for business growth will determine the extent of these paid for digital advertisements. There are many factors. Keep in mind that we offer PPC services at substantially reduced management fees for our local programs.

Our Long-Term Commitments in Local Business Growth

Click’s & Co. makes ongoing investments into building & ranking local websites organically before renting them, shows our commitment to Local Business Growth.

We would be honoured to have you join our program.

Join our Local Business Growth Program