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To gauge how visitors are interacting with your site, we utilize Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) techniques.

CRO is a systematic approach that allows us to gauge everything from how many people are filling out forms to how long they are on a specific page.

This in turn allows you to differentiate customers from casual visitors to your site. Using this information, we can make informed decisions on how to gear your website to your most valuable target market – customers.

Data-Driven Design Meets User Experience

We gain insight into user behaviour utilizing analytics.

In order to better tailor your website to user needs, we go through your website information looking for reveals and create new elements to match them.

This occurs over time, as more users visit your site a greater understanding of how to grow your business is revealed in a series of steps. Trust us to uncover untapped advantages.

Landing Page Optimization

Ensure that your high-traffic landing pages are both eye-catching & informative.

This does not mean throwing as much as you can at the page & seeing what sticks, BUT CREATE a well thought out design.

Instead of overwhelming your potential customer, we ensure landing pages are attention grabbing yet easy to navigate, providing relevant as well as detailed information – all within a SEO-friendly structure. This will increase conversion.

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A/B Split Testing

Determine how different variations of specific elements on your website convert.

In order to fine-tune your web page, we use A/B split testing to gauge how elements at your site are responded to by potential customers.

With the ability to view click-rates of different variations, one can determine what works & what doesn’t. Whether it is alternate designs, layout or text, this will help engage and convert website visitors.

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate is A/B split testing with full web pages instead of individual elements.

Multivariate testing allows 2 different versions of the same page to be viewed by different visitors, showing you which is received better.

There is a larger amount of variations as opposed to A/B testing, giving you a crucial understanding of what works and what doesn’t across an entire page. This can drastically affect the appearance and usability of your website pages.

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